I love hearing feedback from my clients. It lets me know I’m doing a good job and also lets me know where I can make improvements. I welcome your massage therapy reviews on any of the following review sites:

9 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. Chris says:

    Sarah has done a lot of work on my back which is put under a lot of stress from being on the computer so much. She has also taught me some simple exercises and stretches that have strengthened my back muscles and made me feel a lot better. Thanks Sarah!

  2. Greg says:

    Its been great having Sarah as my therapist. She does great deep tissue work.

  3. emilee says:

    Sarah does mini massages at my work and after 15 min I felt better that I had after 1 hour massages other places. I scheduled an appointment outside my office and I was in heaven!! I wish I could have a massage from her everyday!! Sarah is so professional in every way and very friendly. She always makes sure you are comfortable and happy. She is by far the most skilled massage therapist I have ever been to. I cant wait to schedule my next appointment!! Thanks Sarah!!!

  4. Catherine says:

    I have had a lot of what I thought were massages… until I met Sarah. I’ve been to the pricey spas where you pay $200 for a massage, to the local “pay by the month program.” Until I had a massage from Sarah I didn’t know I could be so relaxed. She creates the perfect ambiance, doesn’t start “timing” until she is massaging (you know what I’m talking about… the 60 min. massage that is only 20 or 30 because they have to room you, talk to you, forget about you, and then end 10 minutes early so they can get someone else in), and most importantly she has the ability to have the perfect pressure and touch. She can find knots that most people don’t know exist. She has a great understanding of the human body and what muscles affect your body and how to heal them, and consequently you. With the stress I have been under she has been able to help my body heal and relax. I only wish I could go to her daily! I will not go to anyone else ever again, and recommend her to everyone!

  5. Errin says:

    I have been getting twice a month massages for over 2 yrs…. By far she has done the best work out of all of them. I am so glad when I get to see her. I look forward to the work she does on me. She will make sure that the whole time she is doing you massage you are happy with the touch and pressure.

  6. Al says:

    I’ve recieved hundreds of massages over the past 10 years & Sarah is among my favorite therapists.
    She shows true concern & does her best to get you feeeling better!

  7. Sara says:

    Sarah always does a fantastic job every time I have gone to her. The first massage I had ever received was from Sarah and she made me feel completely comfortable. Sarah is a knowledgeable person always willing to answer my questions. She always asks what muscles are bothering me and try to help me feel my best. I would recommend her to everyone!

  8. Destry says:

    Sarah is amazing with deep tissue. Very strong excellent hands and technique.

  9. Stefanie says:

    Sarah is the best massage therapist I have been to. I was experiencing sever upper back pain for several weeks. I was having chiropractic adjutsments two to three times a week, hoping that would help. But it didn’t. So I had a 90-minute massage from Sarah, and it made all the difference. Two weeks following my massage, my back pain was gone. I also started doing a couple of the simple exercises she recommends. I don’t quite understand how it works, I just know I’m not in pain anymore. Thanks Sarah.