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Holiday Massage Special 2011!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Looks like its that time of year again!  I love presenting specials to new clients so they can experience bodywork for a great deal.  Also, all types of massage make for a wonderful holiday gift.

This season I am offering 2 one-hour massages for $90.  You can split them up or even use them for a wonderful 2-hour session.  Buy them as a gift or use them for yourself!  This special is being offered from November 1  – December 22, 2011.  You can redeem your sessions whenever you want, as long as you purchase them before Dec. 22nd.

Also, don’t forget my ongoing specials.  Buy 4 massages at regular price and receive the 5th session FREE.  And of course, refer any friends or family to me, and to show my appreciation,  you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minutes during your session.  Call me today in Salt Lake City Utah to schedule your first bodywork session, or to stock up on gift cards for your loved ones.  Contact me at 801.349.3934. Enjoy this season and Happy Holidays!

How the Rotator Cuff Works

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The Rotator Cuff is a fascinating and complex structure.  With its muscles and tendons, it is designed to stabilize our shoulder.  It is a crucial part of the human anatomy because it helps to suspend the entire upper limb from the rest of the body, and allows all of our shoulder movements.  As a massage therapist, it is important to know how the Rotator Cuff is designed and how exactly it functions.  The majority of my clients suffer from some type of shoulder pain or discomfort, and damage to the Rotator Cuff is one of the most common causes.

To understand how the cuff works, we must understand its anatomy.   The Rotator Cuff is comprised of your Shoulder Joint, 4 muscles and a ligament.  The Shoulder Joint, otherwise known as the Glenohumeral Joint is a Synovial Ball and Socket Joint.  We have many types of joints in our bodies and they all serve different purposes for different functions.  The Rotator Cuff was designed for a wide variety of movements and this type of joint makes these movements possible. Synovial Joints allow for this extra mobility because the cavities between bones in a synovial joint are filled with synovial fluid. This fluid helps to lubricate and protect these bones in motion.  Below is a posterior view of the Glenohumeral Joint. (more…)