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Top Professions That Cause Dysfunction in the Body

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Ever wonder what jobs today cause the most strain on your body?  As an LMT, I have seen how certain jobs adversely affect people’s muscles and skeletal structure.  Any profession that causes people to do repetitive motions each day, more often than not lead to problems down the road.  It may take a few months, a few years or even a few decades, but chances are your body will suffer the consequences of using the same muscles repetitively on a daily basis.

Today, our professions often force us to sit or stand in the same positions for 8 hours plus.  And adding constant, continual movements or heavy weight on top of that can be detrimental to our physical frame.

Our first ancestors lived much differently than we do today.  All modern humans were hunter-gatherers until around 10,000 years ago.  Look how much we have evolved!   Following the invention of agriculture, hunter-gatherers have been displaced by farming groups in most parts of the world.  Today, with the many advancements of technology, humans have much different jobs than that of our predecessors.

Think about the human anatomy.  Our bodies move many ways, but it’s important to see that they work together as one functional unit.  If you overwork one part of your body, it causes a chain-reaction to occur in our structure.  Similar to a domino-effect, when one section of our functional unit works too hard, the parts around that section begin to suffer, and so forth.  Your body will try to help the over-fatigued area, but often times this just throws off other components of our structure.  Now, you begin to deal with more injury in more segments of your body.  This syndrome is often called over-compensation.  One part of your body is over-compensating for another, and the damage can start to spread.

Now, I would like to look closer at 6 professions that I have found to cause a lot of dysfunction in our structures.  Here they are starting with the most harmful: